About us

About us

About us


NIDEC OKK Europe GmbH is a 100% subsidiary of NIDEC OKK CORPORATION in Japan, and our office as well as our showroom are located in Düsseldorf area, Germany. Our team is in charge of machine and spare parts sales, covering the European market. In addition, we provide you with technical service of the highest quality.


100 Years of

Reliability and Precision

OKK celebrated its 100th anniversary in October, 2015. Our first business was manufacturing equipment such as pumps in Osaka City in 1915. In 1934 we started manufacturing machine tools which is now our core business. Having kept “Customer First” as our top priority, we have created and developed high performance, high stability machine tools supporting a wide range of industries by using OKK’s proprietary technological capability and predicting customer needs in advance.


OKK’s philosophy is based on “Stick to the basics of machine tools”, “Stay a step ahead of customer needs and expectations and integrate them into product development”, and “Be responsible for stable quality and supply”. We are proactively working on new higher level technologies, challenging ourselves to develop eco-friendly machine tools, and providing our customers around the world with OKK’s quality.


By leveraging the “heavy-duty cutting and high rigidity” that are the beauty of OKK’s machine tools, we are also creating higher efficiency and increased accuracy machines to meet the needs at manufacturing sites in a wide variety of industries. We will integrate leading-edge technologies into the technologies that OKK has acquired over the past 100 years to continuously meet and exceed the customer’s expectations in both quality and prompt service.


With our mission to provide truly superior products and advanced services to our customers by keeping a win-win relationship with our customers, we will continuously make efforts to be a corporation broadly contributing to society.


Stay tuned to see OKK’s future of continuing to respond to our customers’ voices and be trusted by society.


NIDEC OKK Europe GmbH has a Board of Directors consisting of three people. This Board is made up the following individuals:


  Masaya SUGIMOTO (in Germany)

  Takuya KAWADA (in Japan)

  Keisuke MATSUOKA (in Japan)


Additionally, Masaya SUGIMOTO has the position of President of NIDEC OKK Europe GmbH.


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